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Abbie, Mum to Freddie

I would definitely recommend Sarah’s weaning workshop. I didn’t really have any knowledge before and so I feel I received the right information to move forward

Penny, Mum to Hughie

Following my consultation with Sarah, I now feel I have more tools in the fussy eating toolkit to encourage my son to try more foods and more confidence to use them. Targeted, practical and relevant advice-many thanks!

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Gemma, Mum to Eleanor

Sarah’s session was excellent, very professional, very thorough and informative.



I enjoyed that your workshop was so relaxed and that you have recently weaned your baby too!

Helen, Mum to Katherine

I would recommend Sarah’s weaning workshop. It was a very valuable course. It’s so much easier learning in person. All the information was really useful. I knew very little before and feel I learnt a lot. I have come away feeling confident about moving forward with weaning, when I felt clueless before!

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Mel, Mum to baby girl

Our NCT group did a weaning session with Sarah – it was really useful to get all the information in one go (both mums and dads) and have the opportunity to ask questions. The follow up email support is also great as loads more questions popped up when we started wandering round the supermarket and cooking stuff up!


Anna, Mum to weaning baby

Teeny Weaning really helped to bust a few myths about weaning, allowing me to both think about the nutritional needs of my baby as well as decide what was best for our particular situation. Relaxed, informative and fun workshop, thanks Sarah!

Zoe, Beckenham Mum

Thanks Sarah for the Fussy Eating Workshop. Good to learn some useful tips and ways of thinking that aren’t always obvious.

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Ros, Mum to Freddy

Sarah has a lovely friendly approach and is very knowledgeable. My son and I attended a weaning workshop and came away with lots of useful information and suggested approaches.


Nicole, Mum to baby girl

Thank you so much for your weaning session – we all felt it was really helpful and we learned so much! We were able to all ask questions and talk things through together.

Amy, Mum to weaning baby

I really enjoyed the session – it covered many of the things I had been wondering about, and there was plenty of space to ask further questions! The hand-outs are really useful, as attending with a baby in tow meant it could be quite tricky to take everything in at the time! I liked the ideas of things to feed the baby at different stages, would definitely recommend.

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Weaning Workshop Mum, Mum to weaning baby

Very informal yet informative, essential weaning kit list looks very useful and the session answered my questions, great to know Sarah is on the end of an email for the first year for extra help!


Emily, Mum to Joshua

My NCT friends and I organised a session with Sarah as we were all first time mums and practically clueless about weaning our babies!! Sarah was professional and experienced and being a mother herself knew exactly what we were going through and had many excellent tips as well as up to date and evidence based knowledge of nutrition. We were provided with handouts to take away with us, including many hints to help us along our way. I’m not sure how I would have managed without her!

Julia, Mum to Noel

Our LO was diagnosed with lactose intolerance when he was 6 months old. Sarah was incredibly helpful, giving us advice on weaning a lactose intolerant baby, sending us info on the latest research and providing all the advice we needed to feel confident about the process. We are currently reintroducing lactose, and again Sarah is a great source of advice, offering professional, evidence-based and practical tips to help us in the process. We can only highly recommend her

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Charlotte, Mum to Fred

I had a 121 consultation with Sarah as I was feeling overwhelmed and confused about the weaning process. She was very professional and personable. The consultation was tailored to me and my child so all of the information she shared was relevant and very helpful. As a result, my confidence increased substantially and I was much clearer on what to do. I went from fearing the process to looking forward to it! My son increased how many feeds he was having and tried lots of new foods in a matter of days after speaking to Sarah….a happy baby as well as happy mum! I really valued the opportunity to speak to Sarah and would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Jenny, Mum to baby girl

My NCT group hired Sarah to put together a weaning workshop for us as we didn’t feel the children’s centre sessions were giving us enough information. The workshop was really well put together and covered everything we needed. I particularly liked that she takes a balanced approach between baby led weaning and traditional purée weaning. Would definitely recommend her to other parents.


Nicky, Mum to Harry

I attended a weaning workshop with Sarah and I found it really helpful to get advice and guidance from a qualified nutritionist and dietician. I had read around the subject and spoken to health visitors and others about weaning before attending this workshop but I found Sarah’s advice was really helpful at filling in the gaps, particularly because of her professional experience in the field. Sarah was able to answer all of the questions we had in the group and provided good impartial, practical advice.


Jess, Mum to Hector

I saw Sarah for support in expanding my child’s food repertoire. It was shrinking and I was fretting! The session was interesting & informative and I came away with simple & easy tips to try. We have just had our first after school dinner as a family. It was fab! He ate new foods with out noticing! We were all relaxed and chatted about our days. My husband and I were blown away. Many more to come. Thank you Sarah x

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Sarah, Mum to baby boy

At Sarah’s weaning workshop (and insta) she said to keep offering foods even if he rejects them. I made him some sweet potato, carrot and pea fritters
which we really enjoyed but he hated! I made them again and offered again and he munches away on them brilliantly now! So I made a stash for the freezer so we’ve always got something in for him.
Thanks for all of your advice and email support Sarah! I’ve found it extremely helpful thank you!

Rachelle, Mum to fussy eater son

Sarah came out to me, a very distressed mummy to an 18 month old, with limited meals he would eat, and who refuses fruit and veg unless hidden in a spag bol or meatballs!!! Sarah’s knowledge on the different food groups and ideas for meals and snacks were limitless. (See her instagram page also for great visuals of ideas) Yes we have a long way to go but I am so much happier now I know how to move forward knowing I have these ideas, and kindly Sarah has said to contact her with queries at any time. Would highly recommend teeny weaning!!

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