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1:1 Consultation

Book in with a children's dietitian...

SLB Family Nutrition offers individual tailored food, nutrition and food parenting advice to families. Want some reassurance on your child's nutrition or advice on feeding a family and what works; contact Sarah for an assessment and tailored plan.
Helping you with your child's nutrition 
How it Works


 Fill out a detailed pre-consultation questionnaire & a 4-day food diary.

The food di
ary will be analysed using nutritional analysis software (so the amount eaten needs to be recorded in an app sent by me to you).

You can also take an optional mealtime video of your child (discretely taken) for me to assess.


Have a 1-hour 1:1 zoom consultation with your own dietitian.

Receive a detailed nutritional analysis & a personalised report, along with numerous useful resources & an agreed


Have a 40-minute follow-up zoom consultation. *

 Hugely beneficial to monitor and track progress**

*It’s useful and better value to book these in advance.

**Follow-up is usually advised in a package for fussy eaters, as there may be a small subgroup in which the behaviour becomes persistent. Early identification of these behaviours is critical.

Speed Session

Book a 20 minute speed session where you can come to me with all your top weaning or fussy eating questions (this is for those who don't need a thorough assessment but just want a few questions answered)


Get in touch with Sarah to see how we can help you and we will take you through our fee structure.

Fees are in line with guidelines produced by the Freelance Dietitians Group of the British Dietetic Association.

Also see my prices on my 'Contact' page.

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