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Sarah Lindsay Brown
A qualified children’s dietitian and mum to 2 gorgeous girls. Over the years, I’ve run countless workshops, one-to-one sessions and packages, and written articles for professional magazines and the NCT, as well as writing websites and social media content focussed on, but not limited to weaning and fussy eating.
I set up SLB Family Nutrition to help parents like you. I will listen to you about your food and feeding concerns in a non-judgemental way. I will understand your concerns, I’ve experienced many first-hand, and I will provide clear advice and direction for you, your child and your family.
Biography Details
  • Degree in Food and Human Nutrition -University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

  • Postgraduate Qualification in Nutrition and Dietetics-London Metropolitan University

  • Certificate in the Dietetic Management of Allergic Disease-Southampton University

  • Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID): An Introduction to and latest evidence in  Diagnosis and Management-University of Winchester

"Sarah's organisation skills and attention to detail are impressive. Her knowledge of public health nutrition guidelines is very strong, and her presentations are clear and engaging. Sarah delivers evidenced-based nutrition science with clarity, detail and the authority of a registered healthcare professional."
More About Me
I understand
Even with all my knowledge and expertise I have found feeding my family a CHALLENGE. When I started out with weaning my first baby it was HARD.  My baby wouldn’t pick up a single finger food and much of the food would end up on the floor.  I worried she wasn’t getting the food and nutrition she needed. Later, I had to navigate a new feeding struggle when my daughter became fussy and refused to eat any fruit and vegetables.
My turning point

I knew I could do something about this to help myself and others so I collated my knowledge, personal experience, and the latest research into plans for successful weaning and feeding. This – coupled with many questions I was getting from my NCT friends – led to my first weaning workshop. My freelance baby and child nutrition business was born!

I love what I do

Talking through a food and feeding problem, developing a plan that fits around the family and helping to make changes, as together we work out what works and what doesn’t. I get great pleasure from seeing a child that is finally eating happily and healthily (alongside a more

relaxed family). Ultimately I thrive on feeling that I'm helping raise future generations of healthy, happy eaters.

For me right now I’m happy to report, that my daughters are mostly happy, adventurous eaters.

Healthy Eating
In particular I specialise in:
  • Weaning

  • The management of fussy eaters, including extreme fussy eaters. If I feel you need a referral to another specialist to help manage extreme fussy eating I will make it

  • Managing allergies in the early years

  • Iron deficiency anemia (I have iron-overload myself which is basically the reverse advice)

  • Plant-based eating (vegetarian and vegan-diets)

  • Allergy prevention advice

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