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Mummy & Me Meals

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

‘Mummy & Me Meals’ are meals eaten together with more or less the same thing. These could just as easily be called ‘Daddy & Me Meals’ or ‘Grandma/Grandpa & Me Meals’. Adapt for whichever adult is eating with your baby/child!

So what are ‘Mummy & Me Meals’ all about?  Well…….little ones learn by copying and are likely to eat much better when they eat together with others and so role modelling is key here! What’s more this concept means that you really don’t need to prepare more than one meal for your family EVER! You can adapt adult recipes to suit little ones by removing added salt, sugar and spices (for young babies or little ones who don’t like spice!) and then you can add in any additional seasoning or flavouring to your portion at the end.  If you are weaning you can take some of your veggies from your meal (no added salt) and offer them as finger foods or make them into a puree if required or simple grab a fork and mash them up!

Now I know what you’re thinking… ‘family and working life gets soooo busy and I’m not sure I have time for this’, but even if you can only manage to eat together a few times a week – eat together whenever you can! Even if it’s just weekends; that’s better than not at all. Or if you can only eat breakfast together during the week, well that’s something. If you are at home for the children’s tea you could either eat your main course with them and have a dessert with your partner later or if you want to wait for your partner you can have a tiny amount on a side plate with the children and eat the rest of your dinner later! Anything goes just eat together and enjoy good healthy, food together!

Making yum yum noises while eating your greens may help!

So on this page I’ll provide ideas for simple lunches and dinners that can be eaten together. (Recipes to come) Enjoy! Yum Yum Yum!



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