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Kid Eating Meal

 Fussy Eating 

When mealtimes don’t go to plan, it’s frustrating, worrying and stressful… I’ve created The Happy Mealtimes Fussy Eating Plan to  help frazzled parents bring back the joy to mealtimes.

I will listen, I will understand and I will support you and provide you with a plan that suits you and your family.

Does this sound like you....

  • Frustrated with mealtimes where your child won’t eat

  • Starting to dread mealtimes as they are stressful, and affecting the whole family
  • You are preparing different meals for different family members
  • Your child won't try new foods and you keep giving them the same foods again and again
  • You are constantly trying to get your child to take just one more bite
  • Your child has a favourite food one day and then refuses it the next
  • You keep comparing your fussy eater to a friend's child, who reportedly, eats so well
  • You are worrying endlessly that your child is not getting the nutrition they need to grow, and be healthy 

Firstly, it is not your fault, and you are not alone. I've seen hundreds of parents go through the same difficulties. Secondly, please do not compare your child to others, each child is different and develops at a different pace. Thirdly, you have come to the right place, because there are so many ways that I can help turn this around for you.

That is why I have developed the Happy Mealtimes Fussy Eating Plan for parents like you, who are going through exactly the same experience as you.

How does the Happy Mealtimes Fussy Eating Plan work?

I dig deep to uncover why your child is being a fussy eater.  Each child is different and by gaining an understanding of what is going on with their food and feeding, I can ensure that you receive the best care for your child. 

I do this by using a detailed pre-assessment form, discretely taken mealtime videos, taken by you (optional), and by looking at growth charts and seating-position photos. This will help me get a full picture so that I can help you and your child.


I can:
  • Help uncover what is causing your child’s fussy eating
  • Help bring back the joy to mealtimes
  • Decrease the worry and anxiety you are feeling
  • Provide reassurance along every step of the way
  • Provide you with the necessary toolkit and plan to bring back happy mealtimes
Helping you with your child's nutrition 
How it Works


Book onto the Happy Mealtimes Fussy Eating Plan with me. Fill out the form and send me the other items listed on the form. I will analyse a 4-day food diary, mealtime video (optional), photos of seating position and growth charts. This does take a little time, but it is all worth it for me to get the full picture


The first online zoom session is part of the assessment.  You will receive a detailed nutritional analysis, personalised report and immediate plan



Weekly email access to answer quick questions, 4 x 40 min 1:1 zoom call follow up appointments (2-4 weeks apart)

weeks later we will meet again to look at your progress and plan next steps

​​* Sarah can also offer the Happy Mealtimes Fussy Eating Plan as a part individual, part group, 'hybrid course' for parents' in the same boat. Steps 01 and 02 remain the same and are individual. For the first part of Step 03, there will be two 1 hour groups sessions, the final session will be individual again.

E-mail support during the plan, guides, resources, endless tips and personalised action plans
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